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The Simplest, Fastest & Smartest
Invoice-To-Pay Workflow

Ready for “Paper Distancing”?

Say goodbye to receiving & handling paper invoices, manual data entry, long-drawn approvals
invoice errors and duplicate billing of invoices.

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Working Capital Management

Supplier collaboration around mutually beneficial terms facilitate discount capture

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Process Improvement

Improve your AP department KPIs, focus on analytics, find time for strategy, & help reduce carbon footprint

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Smart Work

Remove paper, minimize errors, & automate approvals & centralize invoice management

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Digitize Tail Spend Invoices

Get electronic invoicing Day One, even if all suppliers haven't adopted your e-invoicing offering

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Standarized Data

Get all your invoices in the format that you need for both internal and external compliance requirements

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Smart Free Invoicing

Leverage electronic payments to generate revenue and offset transaction costs in the network

Focus On Growing Your Business

We are here to make your payables streamlined and free you up to focus on growing your business.

Your Payables In One Place

Enjoy a customizable, configurable system with intelligent business reports and summaries to know where your payables operation stands.

Make Electronic Payments

Leverage our Usio Engine to make ACH Payments from Day one. Pay your sellers electronically right from their invoice while allowing them to leverage early pay options and electronic payments to offset transaction charges.

Track Seller Spend, Contractor Time Sheets and Payments

Spend Tracking by Seller, Time Sheets to Invoices and other forms or spend management become easy with the push of a button.

Invoice Stream Overview

Transforming your enterprise to realize a paperless, touch-less vision is our mission.

No IT Resources Required! No Project Budget! No Long Drawn Out Implementation!.

Free invoice processing – what is your cost per invoice (CPI)?

Eliminate paper, work with the digits, streamline processes, and increase AP visibility.

Eliminates long, expensive and complex outreach efforts for supplier onboarding.

Remove unnecessary & non-value added downstream exception processing that comes with paper invoices.

Yields 99% data accuracy for easy ERP upload or direct ERP integration.

Yields coded and approved invoices eliminating multiple touches and rework.

Finally makes “going paperless” a reality.


Boost Efficiency, Eliminate Fraud & Improve Visibility

We are constantly on a journey to bring new solutions that address common problems in the Procure-To-Pay space.

We seek to help companies of all sizes reach 100% electronic invoice transactions by facilitating automation for all invoices on their respective supplier & invoice curve.


Why Invoice Stream

Transforming your enterprise to realize a paperless, touch-less vision is our mission.

No project implementation

Allows AP to work with the digits, not the paper.

Immediate ROI & payback for Accounts Payable.

Accounts Payable finally solves the invoice tail and enables reaching 100% touchless.

Delivers controls for duplicate detection, backdating, on-time, & lost discounts.

Many Non-PO approval options.

Mobile Features Increase Network Adoption

Invoice Stream is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Procure To Pay (PTP) network, hosted in the cloud that facilitates the exchange of electronic data while eliminating cost and increasing collaboration.

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