Our pricing model for sellers reflects our commitment to keeping costs low and providing true value with your operations. The more you use our network the more you benefit via stronger sales, savings, and building trusted relationships.

Your network participation give you access to mobile functionality, collaboration, promotions, training and technical support.

Most sellers in our network start with a low cost annual technology fee that gives them access to 12 free Invoice and Timecard transactions. After that you can purchase packages of transactions starting at the cost of a First Class postage stamp, currently at .50c per transaction. As your transaction levels increase, you have the ability to reduce the costs associated with each transaction via generous discounts and the value your business receives increases exponentially.

Currently we are available in the US only and all fees are quoted for the US only. As we expand into new countries or markets, we will post pricing that is region/country specific


Keeping in mind our philosophy of low transaction costs and cutting through red tape, we do not ask our Sellers to sign contracts. The transactions you purchase are always good for a calendar year from the date of purchase and you have the ability to purchase transactions on demand.

Seller Fee Schedule

Annual Technology Fee $19.99 Includes 12 Free Invoices / Timecard Transactions
Invoices & Time Cards Unit Price Extended Price Discount % Final Price
10 Invoices $0.50 $5.00 0.00% $5.00
25 Invoices $0.50 $12.50 0.00% $12.50
50 Invoices $0.50 $25.00 0.00% $25.00
100 Invoices $0.50 $50.00 10.00% $45.00
250 Invoices $0.50 $125.00 20.00% $100.00
10 Time Cards $0.30 $3.00 0.00% $3.00
25 Time Cards $0.30 $7.50 0.00% $7.50
50 Time Cards $0.30 $15.00 0.00% $15.00
100 Time Cards $0.30 $30.00 10.00% $27.00
250 Time Cards $0.30 $75.00 20.00% $60.00

Invoice Stream is a Software as a Service (SaaS) Procure To Pay (PTP) network, hosted in the cloud that facilitates Buyers and Sellers to exchange electronic data in a minimal cost-sharing model

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